Agile programming

In January I passed my first SAFe Certification. SAFe is an agile framework that goes from small companies to huge ones. It overlaps the current company structure to make the passage to agile easier . The main event is the PI Planning where the objective for the next PIs (Planning Intervals) are decided.

The company where I work has used this methodology for a long time, but many terms were obscure. So I asked Cegeka, the company that employs me to get this certification. Before the certification, you have to do a 2-day course; so it can be quite expensive. The course itself was quite nice and I got free and updated study material from it.

After the course, I had 30 days to do my exam; in case I failed the exam I could do it a second time for €50 more. The exam is a closed-book exam, it is online but you do not need to keep your camera on or install extra software to do it. I studied reading the articles on the SAFe site and also doing the sample test. To be on the safe side I also bought these sample tests on Udemy:

They helped a lot since many questions were similar. For the first time, I used a program, to take notes: my choice was Joplin because it is open source and it allows one to share notes between PC and mobile using Dropbox.

I have passed the exam on the first attempt, I do not know yet if I will try the next ones. Now I am studying for the Oracle Certified Professional: Java SE 17 Developer

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