React.js Short book Review


I have moved to a new company in Belgium where they also use React.js. I am not involved in that project yet but I wanted to learn something new. I am also learning French so I wondered if could catch two birds with one stone.

I bought React.js by Éric Sarrion, the book is French and it was a great choice!

The first chapter is about Javascript and Ecmascript, is it written for people that already know how to program but it gives a wonderful introduction to the language, especially for me since I am a Java programmer.

Then it continues with a small React application that is created using a text editor. I really like this choice because it helped me understanding the minimum that you need to run React. The example starts simple and then grows in complexity, but all the steps are clearly explained.

After explaining JSX and the Object state, it has a long chapter about practical cases.

In the last chapters, he shows how to use NPM, introduces Redux and how React works with it, and explains the React Router. In total, the book has 12 chapters on 336 pages.

It is written very clearly, I was able to read and understood it even if I am an A1 in French. The example code is also clear and it is reproduced fully every time the author makes a change in the code. I am not a web developer (yet) but I think I got a good introduction to the framework.

The things that I did not like are that I could not find the source code on the web, so I had to copy it by hand from the book and that sometimes the author puts images of the Windows prompt in the book, it’d be better to copy/paste its content because it is just a waste of space and ink.

The book is also available as a digital edition from the publisher site.

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